Poltica de Reembolso | Refund Policy


Ya que desde Memito.net ofrecemos bienes no tangibles , no realizamos reembolsos una vez que la orden ha sido cumplida y el producto es enviado. Como cliente, usted es responsable de entender esto al comprar cualquier artículo en nuestro sitio.

Sin embargo existen ciertas excepciones:

1) Si la RTMP para streaming (sin importar el plan de streaming que sea) no ha sido enviada al cliente y solo durante las primeras 24 horas en que el pedido ha sido completado y pagado por el cliente.

Nuestro soporte esta siempre dispuesto a asistirlo:

email: info@memito.net
ticket de soporte: http://www.memito.net/cuenta/submitticket.php



Since memito.net is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site. Please note that our bonuses are offered on behalf of our respected partners and are not an issue for a refund or chargeback.

However there are certain exceptions:

1) If the RTMP streaming (regardless of the streaming plan that is) has not been sent to the client and only during the first 24 hours when the order has been completed and paid by the customer.

Our support is always ready to assist you:

email: info@memito.net
ticket de soporte: http://www.memito.net/cuenta/submitticket.php

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